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Life on an Ocean Planet
Student Textbook, 2010 Edition
ISBN# 978-1-878663-60-3
$82.50 US
  • Updated content in a four color student textbook written in a motivating style for high school students
  • Comprehensive content integrates marine science curriculum with other core science disciplines - biology, physics, chemistry and geology
  • Correlates to the content standards for earth, environmental and life sciences through a relevant and up to date marine science focus
  • Updated photos and illustrations
  • New chapter vocabulary lists, expanded NSTA Scilinks®, and increased assessment opportunities with Science Scenarios
Life on an Ocean Planet - Student Textbook 2010 Edition
Life on an Ocean Planet
Teacher Curriculum Guide, 2010 Edition
ISBN# 978-1-878663-64-1
$110.50 US
  • Provides teaching strategies for both the experienced and novice science teachers
  • Offers scheduling suggestions for planning purposes including block scheduling
  • Content correlated to Ocean Literacy: Essential Principles and Fundamental Concepts
  • Flexible chapter sequencing options
  • Expanded appendix

Life on an Ocean Planet
Teacher Digital Resource Package, 2010 Edition
ISBN# 978-1-878663-63-4
$372.00 US

  • Easy-to-use digital teacher resources
  • Customizable digital Teacher Curriculum Guide
  • Updated chapter by chapter Microsoft® PowerPoint® slide shows to supplement teacher led presentations
  • Includes ExamView®, PuzzleView® and LessonView®
Life on an Ocean Planet
Laboratory and Activity CD-ROM, 2010 Edition
ISBN# 978-1-878663-62-7
$65.00 US
  • Supports and emphasizes learning of major cognitive themes within the curriculum
  • Comprehensive labs and activities which incorporate:
    • A variety of skills
    • Individual inquiry, small group, and teach demonstrations
  • Printable lab/activity sheets
  • Customizable lab/activity sheets
  • Teacher edition with strategies and answer keys
  • Laboratory supplies/equipment lists