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Life on an Ocean Planet
                 Laboratory and Activity Manual

  • Supports and emphasizes learning of major cognitive themes within the curriculum.
  • 68 Labs and activities which incorporate:
    * A variety skills
    * Individual inquiry, small group, and teacher demonstrations
    * Easily obtainable materials and equipment


Life on an Ocean Planet
                 Teacher Digital Resource and
                 Assessment Tool

  • Easy-to-use digital resources on CD-ROM.
  • Includes digital version of Teacher Curriculum Guide and Laboratory and Activity Manual (Teacher Edition) for reference convenience.
  • Chapter-by-chapter Microsoft® PowerPoint™ slide shows to supplement teacher led presentations.
  • Exam View® software provides a variety of assessments for teacher use.
  • Microsoft® Word provides lesson plans, laboratory data sheets, and auxiliary teacher materials.
  • Includes all illustrations and most photos from the student textbook.

Life on an Ocean Planet
                 Teacher Transparency
                 Resource Package

  • 280 full color transparencies to supplement teacher-led presentations.
  • May be used as an alternative to Microsoft® PowerPoint™ presentations