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Life on an Ocean Planet offers a complete marine science program supported by a variety of components to meet individual classroom needs and teaching styles.

Life on an Ocean Planet
                 Student Textbook

  • Hardbound four color text is written in a motivating style for high school students
  • Comprehensive content integrates marine science curriculum with the other core science disciplines - biology, physics, chemistry and geology.
  • Using an interdisciplinary approach, marine science students learn in context with social studies, mathematics, the arts and language arts.
  • Connects marine science to real world applications and career opportunities

Life on an Ocean Planet
                 Teacher Curriculum Guide

  • Provides teaching strategies for both the experienced and inexperienced marine science teacher
  • Offers scheduling suggestions for planning purposes including block scheduling
  • Provides chapter-by-chapter presentation notes
  • Suggestions for introducing labs, organizing field studies and conducting classroom demonstrations
  • Provides suggestions for using the NSTA SciLinks internet portal for enhanced curriculum options

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